SteppingBlocks Digital Career Counselor (Students Only)

Steppingblocks Digital Career Counselor exists to help students find meaningful pathways after graduation and to prepare students for the future of work with relevant skills and experience. Expand your reach and improve your outcomes with a data-driven career culture. The Digital Career Counselor has the following features for students:

  • 20-question personality evaluation to help students identify majors and job roles that that match their personality and interests.
  • Access outcomes from SMU alumni: find the top majors, employers, job functions and skills of SMU’s alumni.
  • Career 360 Searches: search career paths of real people using Steppingblocks’s entire data set.
  • Tuition Analyzer: understand how much your education investment will cost over time. Students can enter their expected income and loan terms to find out what their education investment will actually cost and how long it will take to break even.

A short tour of the Digital Career Counselor can be viewed here.

You can access Steppingblocks using your Southern Methodist University Single Sign-On (SSO) information

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