Office of Institutional Planning and Effectiveness


Calendar of Surveys

Many departments and individuals at SMU administer surveys to the university community. This calendar lists current surveys involving SMU students and other constituents as participants. 

If you are planning your own survey of SMU students, we encourage you to check this calendar first to avoid potential conflict with other surveys and to help minimize survey fatigue among our students, faculty and staff. If you have a survey you wish to have added to the calendar, please contact us at  

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Academic Advising, Registration and Orientation Survey
The AARO survey is now an ultimate survey style question following students participation in the event. They now do more formative evaluation during the two days specifically to not have the large survey follow up and to be able to address issues as they arise.

Alumni Survey (early out)
The Alumni Survey is administered Fall, Spring, and Summer to undergraduate and graduate alumni 6 months after they completed their SMU degree.This survey is intended to examine specific attitudes toward the University’s communications, events and engagement efforts.

Alumni Reunion Survey
The Alumni Reunion Survey is administered annually to undergraduate and graduate alumni who will celebrate a milestone reunion year in the coming academic year. This survey is intended to examine specific attitudes toward the University’s communications, events and engagement efforts.

Alumni Target City Event Survey
The Alumni Target City Event survey will be administered annually to undergraduate alumni in ten targeted metropolitan areas where SMU traditionally hosts engagement events, including chapter events and official University visits. Alumni participation in this survey will help the Office of Alumni Relations and Engagement plan more effective and appealing activities for alumni, parents and friends in these areas.

Climate Survey (Sexual Assault)
The Campus Climate survey is conducted to address the issue of sexual assault at Southern Methodist University and Texas institutions of higher education (IHEs) and other partner organizations. The project measures progression and success through an evaluation approach in order to answer the questions: 1) Are we achieving our objectives? And 2) what is the impact/change occurring? The goal of these questions is to create a consistent, effective response to campus sexual assault.

Faculty in Residence Survey
This survey will be used as part of the Faculty in Residence evaluation. It will evaluate the frequency and quality of interactions with students and staff in their residential commons.

Graduation Survey
In order to ensure all institutions of higher learning are providing information about student achievement to the public, the Department of Education (DOE) now requires institutions to publish, via the web, measures of student achievement that include information about what students will be doing after they leave the institution. The SMU Graduation Survey is a confidential survey that asks about graduating students’ future plans and also about their experiences at SMU.

Move-in Survey
The move-in survey evaluates the student and family experience of the move-in process at the start of the academic year. Topics include quality and timeliness of communication, move-in logistics, satisfaction with assistance and more.

Move-out Survey
The move-out survey addresses the student’s experience living within a residential commons or hall during the past academic year. The survey assesses their connection to their community and SMU, involvement with their Faculty in Residence (if applicable), utilization of RLSH programming, and other involvement on campus.

Multi-Institutional Study of Leadership (MSL)
The MSL is a national survey of leadership development among college students that examines the role of higher education in developing leadership capacities with a focus on specific environmental conditions that foster leadership development and focusing on The Social Change Model of Leadership Development

NCHA (Mental & Physical Wellness)
National College Health Assessment (NCHA) is a nationally recognized research survey that collects comprehensive data about students’ health habits, behaviors, and perceptions. The survey covers a wide range of health issues, including mental and physical wellness, drug and alcohol use, and sexual behaviors.