Off-Campus Instructional Sites

An off-campus instructional site is a location that is geographically apart from the institution’s main campus where instruction is delivered. Off-Campus instructional sites can be in the US or abroad (SMU Abroad locations, for example are off-campus instructional sites). Internship sites are not included in this category.

Off-campus instructional sites include SMU-in-Taos, sites set up to academic programs away from the main campus (i.e., Houston, Fort Worth), and all abroad sites where instruction occurs. Internship and externship sites are typically not included in this category.

Off-campus sites are part of the SACSCOC Substantive Change policy.

Approved Site List

For reporting purposes, new off-campus instructional sites fall into three categories:

  • Sites delivering less than 25% of a program; these require reporting to Educational Programs Committee (EPC) prior to opening.
  • Sites delivering 25% to 49% of a program; these require reporting to EPC and notification to SACSCOC prior to opening.
  • Sites delivering 50% or more of program; these require reporting to EPC and approval by SACSCOC prior to opening. Approval may require a site visit by SACSCOC.

When calculating the percentage of a program offered at an off-campus site, take the total number of unique classes offered at the site, multiply them by the number of credit hours for each course, and divide by the total number of credit hours in the program.

As this categorization indicates, Off-Campus Instructional Sites are tied to academic programs. For that reason, it is imperative that the selection management, closure of, or changes to off-campus instructional sites go through appropriate review by program faculty.

Once-opened, any change in operation to an off-campus site requires approval by the EPC, and in many cases, notification or approval by SACSCOC. The nature of the action combined with the percentage of the program that is offered at the off-campus site dictate the types of approvals and notifications needed, and the timeline for these.

Click here for a chart detailing all possible actions with regard to off-campus sites, along with the approval or notification process and timeline for these actions. If you have any questions about off-campus instructional sites, or the approval process, please contact Dr. Dayna Oscherwitz, Associate Provost for Institutional Planning and Effectiveness.