Educational Programs Committee

The Educational Programs Committee (EPC) is the university-wide committee that reviews proposed changes submitted by the Schools and College and that advises the Provost on these items. Once the EPC approves a proposal, it is sent to the Provost. Depending on the level of the curricular change, and if the Provost accepts the EPC’s recommendation, the item is sent to the Board of Trustees either in the form of a request for approval by BOT vote or as an information item. Board approval is required for the following curricular changes: opening or closing of all diplomas, degrees or certificates. In addition, the Board is notified of, but does not approve, the creation or discontinuance of minors, the shortening or lengthening of any diploma, degree or certificate. One note: If the increase or decrease in credit hour requirements is significant (25% or more), the change will require both a BOT vote and pre-approval from SACSCOC.


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