SMU Health Center

Policy number: 12.2

Policy section: Student Affairs

Revised Date: January 2, 2019

1.  Policy Statement

The Dr. Bob Smith Health Center (“the Health Center”) provides students with access to quality, comprehensive and confidential medical care, mental health services, and outreach programs designed to promote their health and wellbeing.

2.  Purpose

This policy outlines the scope and nature of services provided by the Health Center and specifies those who are eligible for its services.

3. Health Center Services

Services offered include primary medical care, mental healthcare, testing (medical laboratory and X-Ray) and health education and promotion. Limited specialty services and minor surgical procedures are also offered. In addition, a full-service pharmacy is located in the Health Center. 

4. Health Services Fee

The SMU Health Services Fee covers routine medical visits and counseling appointments at the Health Center. Charges are assessed separately for lab services, X-rays, immunizations, medical supplies, pharmacy, and specialty care.

5. Medical History and Vaccinations Requirement

Students are required to have a medical history form on file in the Health Center before they are permitted to enroll at the University. These records are retained at the Health Center. Students not fully vaccinated may obtain the required vaccinations at the Health Center upon arrival at the University.

6. Eligibility

Students who are registered at the University and have paid the University health services fee are eligible to receive health services at the Health Center. Student spouses, who are insured by the SMU Student Insurance Plan, are eligible for services at the Health Center as outlined above.  Spouses are required to pay the health services fee to the Health Center. All students and benefit-eligible faculty, staff and retirees/retiree spouses are eligible for free flu shots each year administered by the Health Center subject to availability.


7.  Confidentiality of Patient Health Records

All information about a student, seeking or having received care at the Health Center is confidential and may not be released to any outside third party without the patient's permission, as required by the relevant laws. Information may be released to school officials on a “need to know” basis in accordance with federal laws and university policies.

8.  Maintenance of Health Records

Patient health records are the sole property of the Health Center, which has the responsibility for maintenance, retrieval, and storage of all health records. Medical records are retained at the health center for 7 years. Mental health records are retained for 10 years after the student leaves the University in accordance with Texas laws. Patients have the right to access their own medical records with written request.

9.  Contact

Students may contact the Health Center at the following numbers:

  • Medical Services: 214-768-2141
  • Nurse Advice: 214-768-3194
  • Pharmacy: 214-768-2149
  • Counseling Services: 214-768-2277
  • Health Education: 214-768-2393

Revised: January 2, 2019

Adopted: June 1, 1994