Student Resources

Using Zoom to host, or participate, in Video Conferences

You may be required by your instructor to participate in a video conference call during the online portion of your course, or you may want to form a virtual study group with your peers and host a video conference call for all to participate in a group discussion. You can use Zoom for both of these activities. 

To download Zoom click on this link and follow the instructions: How To Log In to Zoom. You may call 214-768-2222, or email, if you need assistance. 

You can also visit this link to view video tutorials for Zoom:

Course Checklist

To help you keep track of your courses, and grades, you may use the Course Checklist created by our office. This document is not your official course record and should only be used as a reference tool. You should always refer to your COS transcript, generated by GBHEM, as the official record of your COSS course progress and to use when you meet with your conference Board of Ordained Ministry.

Perkins COSS Course Checklist

Student Policy Handbook

Please review the Student Policy Handbook for our school policies.


Summer 2024 Resource Training Calendar: 

 Navigating Online Reserves   May 21  11 am  - English 
 Navigating Online Reserves  May 21  2 pm  - Spanish
 Using Canvas  May 29  11 am  - English 
 Using Canvas  May 29  2 pm - Spanish
 Bridwell Library Orientation  TBD 10 am - English  
 Bridwell Library Orientation  TBD

 1 pm - English  

Summer 2024 Writing Support for COSS Students

Students can schedule a 30-minute appointment Bridwell Reference Librarians by clicking on the button below: 

Make an Appointment  

  • Appointments are 30 minutes in length and will be held on Zoom.
  • Appointments should be made 24 hours in advance, and students should use the online appointment form to upload their writing sample.
  • Once students have had a chance to incorporate the suggestions made, they may wish to make a follow-up appointment to go over their second draft.
  • Due to time constraints, we urge students to seek assistance with proofreading on their own.
  • Bridwell Reference Librarians can assist with a paper's style and mechanics, but are not responsible for the accuracy of the paper's content.
  • Students can email the library with any reference or research questions


Human Resources for Students

Melissa Hernandez Probus, Associate Director
POC for: assistance with registration, schedule, payments, general questions 

James Pan, SMU Academic Technology Services Director
POC for: assistance with SMU technology such as Canvas and Zoom