Please take a moment to read what students have to say about the Spiritual Direction Program.

This program brings joy to my soul each time we meet, as we feast on the depth and breadth of spiritual life together. The teaching and experiential activities offered are both challenging and grace-filled, giving us freedom to learn and grow. From the communal meals to the classroom to the worship service, the presence of the Holy Spirit is palpable. These weekends are a blessing beyond measure!
K. Verriere

The leaders, teachers, and team create a space where we, the students, can grow personally and professionally.
T. Ramirez

I feel so much more competent as a spiritual director from the depth of the material we covered in just one weekend! The opportunity to come away and concentrate on my own spiritual care has renewed my strength and my hope.
C. Astle

As a student in the Spiritual Direction program at SMU, I have been challenged to expand my knowledge and broaden my perspective in many areas.  The program has prepared me to be more effective in ministry and make an impact in my community and abroad. 
Dr. Jacqueline Garrett

The training was more like an extended two-year Spiritual Retreat where I learned how spiritual formation and spiritual discernment are facilitated by spiritual direction.  I came away with lasting friendships and the Spirit’s confirmation of our calling to show up, listen and participate in what God is doing – while accepting all outcomes as God’s grace. I was blessed. 
P. Andrew Clifford   

The certificate program in Spiritual Direction at Perkins has been a tremendous opportunity to explore spiritual practices and traditions in a diverse and open learning environment. It has been fascinating to see how God is working in so many different ways in the members of our cohort. This program has prepared me to walk with people on many paths as they seek to encounter more fully the Living God.
Rob Goodman

Learning Spiritual Direction from SMU/Perkins has seriously enhanced my love of God and people.  The staff are extremely knowledgeable and have imparted life-changing truths.  Spiritual direction is such a wonderful ministry and I’m thrilled to be learning in my three years of training from some of the best.  Each instructor has offered their personal example of spiritual direction and been sensitive to help me increase my spirituality and my proficiency with others I’m in direction with.
Lee Jarrell

My wife and I entered the Spiritual Direction program with the desire to improve our skills and gain resources for helping others discover their own spiritual path.  Not only did we get this, but also an opportunity to deepen our walk with God and each other.  Not just an educational opportunity, but also a blessing of grace.
Rev. David Montoya