Hybrid that comes to you

Learn more about our new immersive hybrid program that prioritizes context and is innovating online theological education.

Perkins Hybrid Details

At a glance, what does hybrid look like?

For the 75-credit-hour Master of Divinity, five immersions will take place in-person, the remainder of the coursework is completed online. This provides students a flexible and accessible option, so that they can continue in the vocational work that many Perkins students have already begun.

What is an immersion?

The in-person requirements for both the M.Div. (five trips) and M.A.M. (two trips) are considered immersions. For the typical week-long immersion, students will be asked to do some pre-work and some post-work online while holding the majority of contact hours in-person. Days will be constructed to have a rhythm of course instruction, shared meals, worship, engagement with ministries/leaders and some free time for study, relaxation and sharing community with other students. Immersions can be completed in Dallas, Houston or one of the Mobile Sites. 

Where are immersions taking place?

An immersion that is not hosted in Dallas or Houston, but, rather, is delivered on a one-time basis at a host-church or host-ministry is a Mobile Site. Unlike other seminaries comparable to Perkins, we offer Mobile Sites as an alternative option for the location of immersions. Mobile Sites serve the student’s needs, whether that means picking an option close to home or picking an option that gives them new experiences. Through Mobile Sites, Perkins has a chance to come to where students live and work as well as take students to new contexts. 

Why would I want any in-person classes?

Well, it depends on what you need. If you simply want accountability for your theological reading, there are many 100% online options out there. But if you are wanting to develop close connections with other future leaders of the church, then there is still something sacred about in-person experiences.