Course Technology Requirements

Perkins School of Theology uses the Canvas learning platform and other software to support courses combining face-to-face and online instruction in the Houston/Galveston degree programs and occasional courses in other programs.  Students enrolled in these courses must have ready access to technology that meets the following standards in order to participate successfully.


A Microsoft Windows or Apple computer not more than 5 years old. Canvas offers mobile clients for IOS and Android but those platforms alone are not sufficient to realize the requirements of the program.

  • Operating System:  Windows 10 or higher / Mac OSX 10.12 or higher
  • Memory:  8 GB RAM
  • Hard Drive:  256 GB (2 GB free)
  • Communications: Built-in video camera and microphone


A minimum of 8 megabits per second download speed is required to view videos that are an integral part of instruction.  Keep in mind that you may be sharing the total available bandwidth with other people and devices at your location. Reliable, trustworthy access to the Internet is essential to successfully completing the program.

Internet Browser:

Canvas supports the current and immediate prior release of the following browsers:


You must have all of the following:

Occasionally, additional software tools are required in individual classes. Most of these are available to students without charge through SMU licensing. If software is required for student purchase, it will be listed with the course book requirements.


Perkins students must track their SMU-assigned email account. All SMU and Perkins communications are routed to that account, including communications generated from Canvas courses.