Computer Lab

The computer lab and computer classroom are located on the third floor of the law library near the elevator. The lab and classroom contain 27 PCs, 13 Macs, two high-speed laser printers, and two Lexis printers. Each lab PC/Mac is equipped with a DVD-RW drive so you can use writeable DVDs or CDs to backup your data. You can also copy your data to a USB flash drive. For your convenience, blank USB flash drives and CD-R's are available for purchase at the library’s circulation desk. There are also five laptop computers available for checkout at the library’s circulation desk.

The lab computers run Windows 10 and OSx 10.12.2, and have software commonly encountered in the legal profession including Microsoft Office.

The library has an 802.11ac wireless network that enables students with notebook computers to connect to the campus network and the Internet. For more details concerning the wireless network visit the Wireless page.