Students who light up the world

Mustangs are acting on their dreams and influencing change, taking their purposeful ventures beyond the Hilltop. From cancer research in Dallas to sustainable energy in Gambia and medical access in Rwanda, here are three stories that illuminate how these notable SMU alumni and soon-to-be alum achieved impressive accomplishments before graduation.

Although their stories are all very different, they share a desire to make world-changing impact and resources fueled by one special day for Mustangs: SMU Giving Day.

Mohammed and Wilkie

Bringing light to Gambian school children

Mohammed Njie ’21 (pictured right and to the left) is solving social challenges with technology in the African country of Gambia.
Maddie Jensen '20

Exploring new frontiers in science

Maddie Jensen ’20 investigates RNA proteins to make inroads to better understand neurological disorders and how to alleviate them.
Sienna Rwanda refugee camp in background

Helping and healing across the globe

Sienna Dugan ’20 helps patients in impoverished areas around the world gain access to world-class health care.

Unite for SMU Giving Day

To find out how you can support these programs and others that are empowering students to make real-world impact, learn more about SMU Giving Day. One day. A world of good.