Alumni Photos

SPS trip to RHIC at Brookhaven National Laboratory. RHIC scientist Dr. Yousef Makdisi explaining to Rozmin Daya and grad student Franz Aguierre.
SPS trip to RHIC at Brookhaven National Laboratory. Kristen Smith, Paul Hartin, Kelvin Varghese, Charles Taylor, Aaron Porter.
Inside the ATLAS detector of the Large Hadron Colider during SPS trip to CERN, Geneva, Switzerland. Matthew Rispoli, Brian Couch, Vladimir Jovanovic, Mat Busby, Amy Hand, Tim Fedorov, Mariam Ishaque.
An introductory physics “lecture”.
SPS trip to Maui High Performance Computing Center.
SPS trip to Haleakala High Altitude Observatorieson Maui. (Facing and Visible) Dr. Dalley, Mat Busby, Amy Hand, Ken Ueda, Alex Weckiewicz, Chris Christensen.
Atop Haleakala volcano (dormant, elevation 10,000 ft) during SPS trip to Maui. Chris Christensen, Dr. Dalley, Mat Busby, Amy Hand, Alex Weckiewicz, Judy Magica, Mariam Ishaque, Ken Ueda, Angela Walker, Kelly Pearson.
Melissa Smith (front row, second from right) during her Summer Research Experiences for Undergraduates at CERN, Geneva, Switzerland.
After Honors Convocation at which department awards are presented. Prof. Dalley, Rebecca Moore, Xixi Zhou, Prof. Nadolsky.
Mayisha Zeb Nakib

10a. Mayisha Zeb Nakib as a normal girl

10b. Mayisha Zeb Nakib as リング girl.

treasure hunters
Charles Taylor (left), now Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation physician at LLC, won a million dollars as part of the winning SMU student team on the NBC TV show Treasure Hunters.
lab photo
Prof.Cooley, Mayisha Zeb Nakib, working in the clean room of the LUMINA dark matter laboratory housed in the physics department.
group photo
A discussion about variable stars - SMU undergrads have discovered many using images from our robotic telescope ROTSE at McDonald Observatory in west Texas). Acacea Sherman, Chris Roig (seated), Isaac Guerra, Prof. Kehoe.
teaching photo
Nicole Hartman, a national Goldwater Scholar, discusses with graduate student Jeff Heatherly. Our strongest students sometimes take graduate courses while undergraduates.
student awards
Prof. Sekula, Jasmine Kim, Jasmine Liu, Andrew Posada, Prof. Cooley
group shot
Jasmine Kim, Eric Godat, Christina McConville, Andrew Posada, Jasmine Liu celebrating before graduation.
group shot
An SPS adventure to the old observatory just outside the department. Grant Ryden, Askia Zhang, Mayisha Zeb Nakib, Austin Smith, Mr. Cotton.
The time students decided to wear dunce caps to Prof. Scalise’s midterm

Landon Banister (right), presenting at SMU’s Research Day, won the Robert S. Hyer Research Award of the Texas Section of the American Physical Society. Left is MS student M. Ferdousi with Physics Minor Vladimir Jovanovic in the background.

dark matter day
SPS painting rocks to hide for Dark Matter day. Christina McConville, Jasmine Liu, Elijah Cruda, Taylor Wallace, Jared Burleson.
Rozmin Daya in the ATLAS control center at CERN, Geneva, Switzerland. After her Physics BS, she also gained her Ph.D. in physics at SMU and then a post-doctoral position with ATLAS.
hospital group shot
Taylor Wallace (third from left) at the Weill Cornell/Rockefeller/Sloan Kettering Tri-Institutional M.D.-Ph.D. Gateways summer program.
After graduation. Back row: Nicole Hartman, Rafael Sierra, Dr. Sekula. Middle row: Christopher Roig, Dr. Cooley, Daniel Gum. Front row: Mayisha Zeb Nakib, Dr. Vega, Matthew Bruemmer, Ben Wise.
SMU Physics graduate and Nobel Laureate, Prof.  James Cronin, discovered CP violation and hence showed that the behavior of the universe is not invariant under reversal of time.
SMU Physics graduate Prof. Donald Clayton of Clemson University is a recipient of the NASA Exceptional Scientific Achievement Meda. He predicted from nucleosynthesis theory that supernovae are intensely radioactive and started a new type of astronomy based on it. His paper on the latter was selected as one of the fifty most influential papers in astronomy during the twentieth century.
SMU Physics Distinguished Graduate Prof. Roy Holt pioneered experimental studies of the structure of the nucleon. He is chief of Medium Energy Physics at the Argonne National Laboratory and recipient of the Bonner Prize in Nuclear Physics from the American Physical Society.
Lee Pondrom, Prof. Olness. Prof. Pondrom

Prof. Sekula, SMU Physics Distinguished Graduate Prof. Lee Pondrom, Prof. Olness.

Prof. Pondrom pioneered experimental studies of the hyperon magnetic moments and was a leader in the High Energy Physics field. He is Professor Emeritus at UW-Madison.

physics alumni
Prof. Shannon Clardy, a dual Physics/Music major at SMU,  is now Professor of Physics and Engineering and Adjunct Professor of Oboe at Henderson State College.