Why Study Here?

The SMU Department of Physics prepares students to ask and answer some of the most difficult questions about our universe.

What is the origin and fate of our universe? What are the building blocks of our universe, and what are the forces that hold together those building blocks? In the SMU Department of Physics, we provide an education that pairs the strengths of our department with your desire to learn more about the cosmos. If you learn how to setup and solve difficult problems in physics, you can apply that skill to many other careers too. Physicists are highly sought after in fields from finance to engineering and medicine, anywhere that important decisions are made based on quantitative evidence.

Internationally Recognized Faculty Jodi Cooley faculty portrait

Internationally Recognized Faculty

Offering strong preparation for living and working in a rapidly globalizing world.
Research and Internship Opportunities Students working in lab

Research and Internship Opportunities

Undergraduate students have opportunities to be involved in faculty research and internships.
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Diverse Coursework

We pair our department strengths with your desire to learn more about the origin, nature, and fate of the cosmos.