Quotes from Previous Participants

“I was able to directly apply many of the concepts to my teaching practice. My students found my what I learned in my modern physics class segments interesting and thought provoking.”

“I found it extremely helpful as a biologist teaching physics for the first time. The level was challenging-enough to keep it interesting but relevant to my class (regular physics).”

“This was a good survey for teachers that are new to teaching physics. For experienced physics teachers, the course hit topics that often have misconceptions that are promoted by teachers. The format was flexible-enough for all of us to share and ask questions.”

“This is definitely the best teacher training I have ever attended. It provided excellent information in a comprehensible manner and concentrated on the core material and not on pedagogy.”

“I have already used a number of kinematic and momentum labs and demos from the class.”

“This course has been very useful with explanations of topics and calculations.”

“I’ve learned lots about basic mechanics to supplement my lessons. Demonstrations were great and computer applications in physics were exceptional.”

 “I really enjoyed the professional dialogue and adult format of the course, many teachers could benefit greatly from being exposed to its content. It has given me a lot more confidence to try new things and not be intimidated with physics.”

“The content has given me a deeper understanding of relativity and uncertainty, and it will be very helpful for my future physics classes.”