Master of Science in Business Analytics

Harness the Power of Big Data

Prepare yourself for the future with this trailblazing, STEM and OPT certified degree. From retail giants to healthcare companies and consulting firms to political organizations, employers need people who can translate technical data into actionable insights. The MSBA program at SMU Cox opens the door to this burgeoning field. By taking courses across a range of disciplines, you'll explore the latest methods being used to analyze individual-level data and turn it into actionable information. Count on a return on your investment at Cox: More than 96% of our recent MSBA grads received job offers within six months of graduation.

  • Full-time or part-time
  • Part-time offers evening options

Across all industries, firms today capture and maintain enormous amounts of individual-level data on their customers and prospects. This has led to a vast increase in data resources available—and a high demand for professionals who can translate technical data into actionable insights.

In the past, companies have focused on reporting, data management and business intelligence. Business Analytics goes beyond the traditional data, BI and reporting environments and focuses on how to better analyze your business using information to gain insight to the business. It extends data management and business intelligence (data warehousing) to enable the management of big data, and combines it with data analytics and business information to analyze consumer behavior, web site data, marketing data and even to perform predictive analytics. The broad and intensive curriculum across a range of management disciplines and functions explores the latest methods of translating data into relevant information for decision-makers.

With big data, firms can react in real-time to customize product and service offerings, if they have the highly specialized talent trained to leverage this increased complexity. SMU Cox recognized this high-growth and high-reward career path when we developed the MSBA program for those interested in solving today’s business challenges using big data. In fact, 85% of the positions in the field of business analytics require an advanced degree, with 75 percent listing an MS degree as an educational requirement for a career in the field. Graduates of the Cox MSBA program will be well poised to take advantage of these increasing opportunities.

The Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) degree at SMU Cox provides students with the expertise and specialized Analytic skills that employers in IT, marketing, operations and consulting are demanding now. The broad and intensive curriculum across a range of management disciplines and functions explores the latest methods of translating data into relevant information for decision-makers. Either Full-Time or Part-Time, the MSBA program prepares students for successful careers in the burgeoning field of business analytics from business analysts, data analysts, marketing analysts, financial analysts, data base and data warehouse architects to data scientists.

  • The MSBA is a 33 credit-hour degree.  The Full-Time program is two semesters (four, 7-week Modules) which starts in August and is completed in May the following year. The Part-Time program is 4 semesters (seven, 7-week Modules), which starts in August and completed in December the following year.
  • This degree program is "jointly owned" by the Information Technology and Operations Management (ITOM) Department and the Marketing Department within the SMU Cox Business School.  It focuses on true Business Analytics from a Business, Statistical and Information Technology perspective.
  • Students have the option of two program specialization, or tracks
    • Business Process Analytics- DB Concepts & Applications
    • Customer Analytics - Marketing Research & Customer Centric Analytics
  • Instruction is in traditional classroom with all courses being taught on the Main Campus.
  • Candidates come from a variety of backgrounds including degrees in economics, math, engineering, marketing and science. All degrees are welcome to apply.
  • This program is STEM and OPT certified.

By the Numbers: The Cox MSBA Class of 2022

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  • Under-Represented Minorities

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Immediately after starting the program, the Career Management Center was an invaluable resource helping with resume reviews and interview prep. The SMU brand made a strong statement on my resume as I participated in my job search.

Ryan Prince

MSBA 2016

Find Your Student Club

  • Operations & Analytics

    Join Cox faculty, our vast alumni network and other professionals as you navigate this fascinating, fast-moving field. Turn data into a into a decision-making tool that’s moving business in bold new directions. Go beyond the “analytics” buzzword to gain strategic skills that every future business leader needs.

  • Consulting & Corporate Strategy Club

    This dynamic organization guides SMU students to success in the ever-changing business landscape. The club offers members case interview practice, networking with local boutique and specialty consulting firms that can lead to consulting project opportunities, and quality face time with hiring managers.

  • Women in Business

    One of SMU Cox's largest student organizations, Women in Business helps launch you into a meaningful career as a business leader. You'll find opportunities for mentorship and networking with high-powered women from industries across Dallas, as well as a calendar full of events, from lunch-and-learns with guest speakers to seminars and get-togethers. The club's relationship with the Forté Foundation means you automatically benefit from membership in the national organization.

After Cox: Success Stories

  • Lexie Mize, MSBA 2017

    Consultant at Infosys Consulting, Inc.

    Lexie Mize first realized the power of data and analytics to deliver real-world insights in her role at a PR firm, where she learned the ins and outs of social media analytics. But she realized there was a bigger analytics world waiting for her. That’s when she enrolled in the SMU Cox MSBA program. Today, she’s a consultant at Infosys, where she wields the power of data management and business analytics at the enterprise level.

  • Geoffrey Chen, MSBA 2017

    Pricing Analyst at JP Morgan Chase

    Geoffrey Chen was interviewing for a job when a question stopped him in his tracks: How to use an analytical approach to price a product. Then he recalled a lesson about regression analytics from his SMU Cox MSBA class and leveraged that information to craft a compelling answer — music to the interviewer’s ears. Geoffrey was called back for a second interview. Today, he is exploiting the power of data as a pricing analyst at JP Morgan Chase.

  • Phuong Tran, MSBA 2017

    Revenue Management Development Analyst at American Airlines

    After earning her bachelor’s degree in New Zealand, Phuong Tran came to Dallas to dive in data. During her MSBA practicum, she visited the DFW offices of American Airlines monthly every month, where she and the practicum team presented their findings to 20-plus managers. With steady support from the SMU Cox faculty, Phuong turned academic concepts into business insights. Meanwhile, she also learned the professional skills that employers demand. After graduation, Phuong landed a job at American.