Through our Annual Report essays and work on the Fraser Institute's Economic Freedom of the World and Economic Freedom of North America reports the O'Neil Center aims to become a leading research center on the nature of, causes, and consequences of economic freedom. O'Neil Center faculty choose their own research topics and publication outlets. The O'Neil Center does not accept funding for contracted research.

2017-2018 Selected Academic Publications

  • Lawson, R., and J.R. Clark. “Taxation in the Classical Liberal Tradition,” Review of Austrian Economics
  • Lawson R., and R.H. Murphy. “Economic Freedom and Growth Specification Debate: A Retrospective” Applied Economic Letters
  • Lawson, R., and R.H. Murphy. “Extending the Economic Freedom of the World Index to the Cold War Era,”Cato Journal
  • Murphy, R.H., and T.L. Smith. “Aggregate Demand Shortfalls and Economic Freedom” Review of Austrian Economics 
  • Murphy, R.H., and A. Nowrasteh. “U.S. Immigration Levels, Urban Housing Values, and their Implications for Capital Share,” Economic Affairs
  • Murphy, R.H., and C. O’Reilly. “Exogenous Resource Shocks and Economic Freedom,” Comparative Economic Studies
  • Murphy, R.H., and C. O’Reilly. “Do Institutions Mitigate the Risk of Natural Resource Conflicts?” Contemporary Economic Policy
  • Murphy, R.H., and D. Lee. “An Expressive Voting Model of Anger, Hatred, Harm and Shame.” Public Choice 
  • Murphy, R.H. “Immigration and Its Effects on Economic Freedom: An Empirical Approach” Cato Journal 
  • Murphy, R.H., and R. Gelfond. “A Call for Out-of-Sample Testing in Macroeconomics,” Libertas: Segunda Epoca
  • Murphy, R.H. “The Best Cases of Actually Existing Socialism,” The Independent Review 
  • Tuszynski, M.P., and R.H. Murphy. “Aging Populations and the Size of Government,” Institute for Research in Economic and Fiscal Issues Working Paper No. 201802.
  • Lee, D., and J.R. Clark. “Can Behavioral Economists Improve Economic Rationality?” Public Choice
  • Murphy, R.A., and A. Nowrasteh. “The Deep Roots of Economic Development in the U.S. States: An Application of Putterman and Weil,” Journal of Bioeconomics
  • Tuszynski, M.P, and D. Stansel. “Sub-National Economic Freedom: A Review and Analysis of the Literature,” Journal of Regional Analysis and Policy
  • Stansel, D., A. Millsap, and B. Hobbs. “Local Governments and Economic Freedom: A Test of the Leviathan Hypothesis,” Mercatus Working Paper
  • R.A. Murphy. “The Diseconomies of Do-It-Yourself,” The Independent Review 
  • R.A. Murphy. “The Perils of Buying Social Capital Locally,” Journal of Private Enterprise