Upcoming Events


Public Programs:

Flourishing in a Free Society
Topic: Can the Fed Predict? A Panel Discussion on Central Banking
featuring: Thomas Hogan, Fellow in the Baker Institute for Public Policy, Rice University and Harvey Rosenblum former Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas Executive Vice President and Director of Research and Professor of Practice, Southern Methodist University

Tuesday, September 10, 6:00 pm-7:00 pm, Reception Following
(Crum Auditorium, Collins Executive Education Center)




Flourishing in a Free Society
Topic: Viewing of Short Film Tank Man with Panel Discussion 
featuring: Robert Anthony Peters, Writer and Director of Tank Man; Dallas Sonnier, CEO of CINESTATE & FANGORIA; Perth Tolle, Founder, Life & Liberty Indexes
Tuesday, October 1, 6:00 pm-7:00 pm, Reception Following
(Crum Auditorium, Collins Executive Education Center)



Texas Economic Forum
Topic: Disruption in the Energy Business: What's Next
co-sponsored with SMU Cox Maguire Energy Institute
Thursday, October 17, 6:00 pm-7:00 pm, Reception Following


2019 O'Neil Center Annual Conference 
Topic: Past as Prologue: What History Teaches Us About Today's Economy 
Featuring Keynote Speaker:
Tim Harford, Author of The Undercover Economist 

Additional speakers include: 
Richard Alm, Southern Methodist University
W. Michael Cox, Southern Methodist University 
Douglas A. Irwin, Dartmouth College
Jayme Lemke, George Mason University
Edward Stringham, American Institute for Economic Research 
Ning Wang, Zhejiang University  

Friday, November 15, 8:00 am-1:30 pm
(Crum Auditorium, Collins Executive Education Center)



Workshops (for SMU Faculty/Staff/Students):


The Benefits of Media Polarization: Media Competition with Targeted Advertising and Confirmation Bias

Thursday, September 26: 10:30 am-11:45 am 

Benjamin Ogden, Assistant Professor, Texas A&M University 

Crow 282


Demand Elasticity for Deposit Services at U.S. Retail Banks in High and Low Rate Environments

Wednesday, October 2: 10:30 am-11:45 am

Danielle Zanzalari, Assistant Professor, University of North Texas at Dallas 

Crow 282


Insuring Rents

Wednesday, November 13: 10:30 am-11:45 am 

Bryan Cutsinger, Assistant Professor, Angelo State University 

Crow 282