Drone Registration

All drones over 250 grams (0.55) must be registered with the FAA at the FAA Drone Zone prior to use. Before beginning registration, it is important to understand your usage classification.

If the drone is being used for business purposes (commercial operations) such as filming a promotional video, an athletic practice, or surveying a construction site, it should be registered as a a Part 107 registration. This would include use by various University Business Units as well as Athletics.

If it is used for educational or research purposes, it can be registered as either a part 107 or recreational drone. Note that there are more restrictions for recreational flights. This type of use would be operations as part of a research grant or academic course.

If used as purely for fun by a student organization or club, then it is classified as a recreational drone.

Both of these registrations cost $5, payable to the FAA. A physical or digital copy of your drone registration must be in possession by the pilot at all times and is subject to request by local, state, and federal officials. 

In order to comply with both FAA and SMU, please use the following buttons to register your drone. Once registered with the FAA, you must also register with SMU.