SMU Expense

Welcome to the University’s Expense website, SMU’s site for expense management.

Concur® Login


All Concur Services are functioning normally.

Please use the Concur® Login to report all non-travel SMU Card (pcard) expenses and request all expense reimbursements. If you are a first time user or someone who wants further information about the policies or procedures, use the sidebar navigation. For information on Purchase order requirements and going through Purchasing for larger dollar purchases or requesting payments to vendors and others through Accounts Payable, please see the helpful links section.

Non-Travel Questions/Issues

Please submit a ticket for assistance with NON-TRAVEL/NON-ENTERTAINMENT questions/issues using the link above.  This is for Concur related items only.  Please click on the Concur link in the menu.  All card increase/new requests still need to be email to

Training:  On going training/assistance that cannot be done over the phone can be scheduled as a one-on-one training session.  Please email Millicent Grant at with your available schedule.

View a timeline of past expense procedure updates.

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