Here are just some of our most commonly asked questions.


It is a new requirement, but is one that we feel would have been beneficial even before this change in reporting.  It is important that pcard holders understand all the requirements and responsibilities associated with having a pcard.
Just make sure to reimburse the University immediately. We do understand that everyone makes mistakes, but it is important to not make a practice of it.

Probably not, but if it is a material amount of money, you should use the University’s Accounts Payable to make the purchase or consult with the University’s Tax Department regarding options.

You can apply for an SMU Card by filling out the application and submitting it for approval to your Org Approver and Financial Officer.  It will then go to the SMU Card Administrator for processing.

If you already have an SMU Card for purchasing non-travel related items or an SMU Card you use for travel only and you need a profile change to another or to both profiles, you will need to submit an email to your Financial Officer or Authorized Approver for approval.  There will only be one card issued per cardholder.

Based on your usage, if you only travel and need the card then, your profile will be travel only. If you only purchase items for the office, your profile will be purchase only. If you do both, your profile will be travel and purchase. Please keep in mind the requirements for office supply purchases.

You can turn the notification off by going to “Expense Settings” then “Expense Preferences” in your Profile settings and uncheck “new company card transactions arrive."

Once you run your card, it can take up to two days (international a week) to post to the JP Morgan website PaymentNet. Once in PaymentNet, it feeds to Concur. This feed takes place every Tuesday - Sunday night. If the time frame exceeds this timeline, please contact the SMU Card Administrator.

After application is completely approved and received by the SMU Card Administrator, it can take 3 to 4 days for your card to come in. Cards go directly to the administrator and then you are contacted.