Technology Purchases

All University purchases for desktop or laptop computers, displays or tablets must be placed through the centralized purchasing process. The following list identifies the various technology purchasing categories and the appropriate channels for ordering.

  • Desktop and Laptop Computers, Displays and Tablets:  Purchase via the online ordering site and SMU Purchasing
  • Printers: Departmental purchases are not allowed.  Contact for assistance with printers.
  • Cellular devices:  Limited approvals for departmental purchase of cellular devices. Contact for more details.
  • AV components (Large Displays, TVs, projectors, Classroom AV equipment): Request via the AV Request form
  • Software Licensing: Visit the software page to determine if a license purchase is required.  Submit your request for licensing using the online order form.

Please note: You should receive a confirmation page and an email confirmation upon submitting your order.  If you do not, please try again.  

Online Ordering Portal


Frequently Asked Questions

Employee primary devices and instructional devices are covered under the University Technology Fund Replacement process. 

Computer inventory records are housed within STABLE.  The initial asset record is created when the computer is received and prepared for installation.  The record is removed when the computer is returned for disposal.  In order for the eligibility to calculate properly, the asset record must be associated with the correct faculty or staff member and have a current Ivanti check in date. 

To check the eligibility of a computer assigned to you, login to and click the My Computer icon.  You should see all of your devices and when each is eligible for replacement under the Technology Fund. To check eligibility of a machine that is not assigned to you, visit the Online Ordering Portal or contact the IT Help Desk.

To view the rules of the Technology Fund, click here

All computers (servers, desktops, laptops, displays and tablets) must be purchased through the Purchasing Office.  Accessories such as headphones, webcams, adapters, etc.. may be purchased personally or with non-travel designated SMU credit cards and submitted for reimbursement through an expense report as long as the purchase is tax free and competitively priced.
No.  SMU computers should not be part of hiring or retirement packages. In the event that a computer was designated as part of the retirement agreement, we recommend the department instead provide a cash gift (taxable) in lieu of the device.  This is recommended as all software licensed to the university would need to be removed from the device and the hardware value itself would be taxable.  In most cases, allowing the employee to purchase a new machine is of better value.
No.  The online ordering portal offers several models of desktops, displays and laptops that are kept in stock for rapid deployment.  These devices will normally be deployed within one week of the order submission.  If you elect to order a custom configuration, those orders may take 4 to 8 weeks for delivery.  Custom orders must still be processed through the SMU Purchasing department and adhere to basic standards.  For example: all laptops must have a TPM chip to support the encryption required per Board of Trustees mandate.

Computer orders are placed through SMU Purchasing by clicking on the Order button on the page above.  You will be able to select standard configuration computers, request a custom configuration computer or submit a request for a quote from this site.  Computers will be delivered to the Office of Information Technology (OIT) for installation.  OIT will contact you to schedule the installation/set-up of your new computer and take care of any data transfer needed.

The Office of Information Technology (OIT) maintains a limited supply of the standard and standard Plus Mac and Windows computers and monitors.  If ordering one of these devices, the installation timeline is greatly reduced and will normally be within five business days from the date you place your order. 

If ordering a custom configuration, the computer must ship from the manufacturer.  Depending on the configuration ordered, this could take from 3-5 business days to several weeks for SMU to receive the computer and then 3-5 business days for the machine to be installed once it arrives on campus.

All computer purchases for desktops, laptops, workstations, displays and tablets should be ordered through SMU Purchasing and not with your SMU or Personal credit card.

There are discounts available for Students and Personal purchases.

For software discounts:

For Apple computers and accessories:

For Windows computers and accessories:

Accessories can be purchased by sending a request to SMU Purchasing or you can purchase them yourself through Staples Advantage, Amazon Business or other store with your SMU Credit card or Personal Credit Card and submit the expense for reimbursement on an expense report in Concur.    The purchase should be tax-free and be the lowest pricing available. 

If purchased thorugh Amazon, the SMU Amazon Business account must be used and the items shipped to the employee's business address. 

Items personal in nature or for home use (ex. AirPods, Earbuds, watches, WiFi Extenders, gaming accessories (unless a business justification is provided) etc...) are considered personal expenses and are not reimburseable by the University.

In order to comply with sponsored project guidelines, technology purchases for G projects are processed initially through a departmental org and then moved to the G project after all required documentation is provided.  As an alternative, any computer purchase, regardless of dollar value, can be processed through the ePro requisition process and use a grant org and flowing through Grant and Contract Accounting (GCA) for advance approval.