University Technology Fund

SMU established the University Technology Fund in order to assist with the timely replacement of technology resources across campus. 

Each year, the Technology Fund is allocated as follows:

Desktop Technology
Instructional Technology
Infrastructure Maintenance
Special Infrastructure Initiatives

Desktop Technology Fund Allocation:

Criteria has been established to determine which computers are eligible for funding as well as the standard replacement computers. 

Departments may elect to order a non standard computer for a replacement; however, the additional funding must come from the Departmental budget.

Computer upgrade/replacement:

the following guidelines are in place:


  • The computer must be a primary or instructional use device
  • For Faculty machines, the age of the computer must be a minimum of 4 years old and each faculty member is allowed one upgrade every four years through the Technology Fund
  • For Staff machines, the age of the computer must be a minimum of 5 years old and each staff member is allowed one upgrade every five years through the Technology Fund
  • Instructional machines are eligible after 4 years
  • Each employee may be assigned only one primary workstation.
  • Computers must have the University Client Management agent installed and actively reporting to the server to be eligible for Technology Funds toward an upgrade
  • If a primary device is replaced and that machine is reallocated to replace a secondary or shared device elsewhere, it cannot be designated as a primary device and will not be eligible for replacement under Technology Funds in the future.

Fund distribution

The Technology Fund will cover the cost of a standard machine of the same OS and format of the existing computer being replaced.  For example: An employee with an eligible Windows desktop will receive the "standard Windows desktop" funds toward a new computer.  If they wish to move to a laptop or change to a different OS platform, the difference in cost will be the responsibility of the Department to fund.  If the Department requests a computer at the same cost or less than the approved Technology Fund allocation, the Technology Fund will cover the cost of the replacement.

Standard repairs due to hardware failures (hard drive crashed, video card issues) are covered by the Desktop Technology Fund. 

The Desktop Technology Fund is used to maintain, upgrade or repair Primary or Instructional devices.

New computers (that are net-new to the department/area) for new positions are not provided by the Technology Fund and must be funded by departmental funds.

Computer Function/Category Definitions

Primary Workstation - A computer used by one person. It is the computer used most frequently if the employee has more than one computer. Only one Primary computer per employee can be designated.
Instructional Workstation – A computer used in a Classroom or Lab (either centrally managed or departmentally managed), or a Seminar or Training room and used for the purpose of course instruction or research. This also includes computers located in an area designed for open use by students (Information Commons, Café, etc…).
Secondary Workstation – A computer device used by one person that is not their Primary workstation.
Shared Workstation - A computer used by more than one person including Loan-out laptops, Test computers, Student Shared Workstations, Kiosk, and Open Workstations (a computer attached to a scanner or some other resource for several people to use).
Host System - Any computer that acts as a host to an application or equipment but not used as a normal workstation (Scientific Equipment, Digital Display, Pay for Print release station, HVAC Control, Access Control, Security Camera, etc…)

Inventory Records

All computer inventory records are housed within the Help Desk ticketing software.  The initial asset record is created when the computer is received and prepared for installation.  The record is removed when the computer is prepared for disposal.  In order for the eligibility to calculate properly, the asset records must be associated with the correct faculty or staff member and have a current LANDesk/Ivanti check in date.  To check the eligibility of a machine, visit the Order Form.  If you have questions about a particular computer and the eligibility information displayed, please contact the help desk.