Conference and Event Forms

Conference Services Application

A completed conference application is required to process or assist with any program requests on the SMU Campus. Applications are open year- round for non-residential conferences, camps and events and are open October 14, 2023 - April 1, 2024, for residential conferences and camps. Returning organizations have a priority application window from October 14, 2023 - November 15, 2023. SMU offers residential conference and camp experiences for the 2024 season from May 28 - July 26, 2024.

Summer 2024 Conference and Camp Application

Fall 2023 - Spring 2024 Conference, Camp and Event Application (August 1 - May 10)


According to University Policy, all events held on campus by non-SMU groups must be sponsored by an appropriate department, faculty member or director. As the Office of Conference Services cannot solicit sponsors for groups, the Conference Organizer must contact the possible sponsors and request a Sponsorship Application from the Office of Conference Services Director. Sponsorship does not involve any monetary obligation on the part of the sponsor, nor does it guarantee that a conference can be booked.  Once completed please return completed forms to

Off-Campus Sponsorship Form

Protection of Minors

SMU welcomes many students, employees, and visitors to campus every day and seeks to maintain an inviting, safe and secure environment for those on campus or engaged in SMU-sponsored activities.  In 2012, Texas passed legislation that requires employees of campus programs for minors to attend a training and examination program that addresses the warning signs of sexual abuse and child molestation.  For full information please visit the SMU Risk Management's Protection of Minors Site. Completed forms should be sent to both and

Texas Health and Human Services Required Protection of Minors Training Certification Form

Conference Organizer's Manual

The Office of Conference and Event Services has compiled a useful planning and resource manual for Conference Organizer's use.  This manual includes rules, guidelines, and important and frequently asked questions. 

2024 Conference Organizers Manual

Certificate of Insurance

SMU requires evidence of insurance for all third party vendors and contractors that wish to operate a special event, camp or conference on campus.  The third party is responsible for obtaining evidence of insurance (i.e. a Certificate of Insurance) and presenting it to the Office of Conference Services early in the process, but no later than 21 days prior to the first day of set-up for the event.  SMU's Risk Management Office should be consulted very early in the process of event organization to clarify any insurance related questions.  You may email the Office of Risk Management at  or calling 214-768-2083. Completed certificates should be sent to both and

Standard Minimum Coverage Limits for COI

Liability Waivers and Medical Forms

In accordance with university policy, all conference guests (including staff, advisors, participants, etc.) who are neither employed by nor are students of SMU are required to submit a signed Waiver of Liability form to OCS at the time of check-in. Participants under the age of 18 are required to submit a signed Waiver of Liability/Release for Medical Treatment form, which must be on file with OCS and the Health Center. It is the responsibility of the Conference Organizer to distribute and collect all necessary liability and medical forms from participants prior to check-in and give them to the CA no later than check-in. Participants for whom these items are missing will be asked to leave the campus until OCS receives the proper forms.

Liability Waiver Form for Adults

Liability Waiver Form for Youth

Reunification/Emergency Response/Evacuation Plan

No later than 10 days prior to the Conference start date a roster of all participants, staff and coaches will be supplied to the Office of Risk Management and The Office of Conference Services.  The roster should include the participants name along with their emergency contact information for the non-SMU adults directly supervising the minors involved in the conference/camp or event as well as a roster of the parent/guardian emergency contact for all minors involved in the program. A plan for reunifying minors with their parent/guardian in the event of an emergency that disrupts the program/event in which they are enrolled should be provided no later than 21 days before the first day of the camp/conference or event.  Conference Organizers may use any format they choose for the reunification plan as long as it has all necessary information.  Plans should be emailed to

Sample Reunification Plan Document

SMU Emergency Action Plan and Reporting Instructions

Filming and Photography by Outside Vendors

Requests made by outside production companies, photographers, filmmakers, and others for all filming and photography activities on the campus of SMU are arranged and coordinated through SMU Marketing and Communications. This includes campus grounds, buildings (exterior and interior), aerials, portraits, and events.

SMU requires at least four weeks advance notice for film/video projects and two weeks advance notice for still photography projects in order to secure permissions, insurance and contracts.  A copy of the final layout, script or storyboard may be required, and approval must be granted prior to signing the contract letter agreement. All filming and photography of sports-related events on campus must comply with NCAA rules. Marketing and Communications can provide details if needed.

All filming and photography of the university and it’s facilities by outside vendors, including those wishing to represent any work they have done in partnership with the university, are subject to approval by SMU Marketing and Communications before they may be used. Completed film and photos may not be sold to other parties. All film and photos are subject to copyright terms set by the university. Permission is granted for specific one time use and is not transferrable for further use – print or electronic – without approval by SMU Marketing and Communications.

Please visit the Marketing and Communications Site for additional requirements and to Request Use of SMU Campus For Filming


Estimate and Guarantee Forms

Estimate and Guarantee Forms will be due on or before the dates within your contract. 

Summer May 1st Initial Updated Estimate Form Submission - Coming Soon!