Conference Services Forms for Download and Print

Conference Services Application

A completed conference application is required to process or assist with any program requests on the SMU Campus. Applications are normally released during October preceding the upcoming Summer Conference season.

Conference Services Application


According to University Policy, all events held on campus by non-SMU groups must be sponsored by an appropriate department, faculty member or director. As OCS cannot solicit sponsors for groups, the Conference Organizer must contact the possible sponsors and request a Sponsorship Application from the OCS Manager. Sponsorship does not involve any monetary obligation on the part of the sponsor, nor does it guarantee that a conference can be booked.

Off-Campus Sponsorship Form

Liability Waivers and Medical Forms

In accordance with university policy, all conference guests (including staff, advisors, participants, etc.) who are neither employed by nor are students of SMU are required to submit a signed Waiver of Liability form to OCS at the time of check-in. Participants under the age of 18 are required to submit a signedWaiver of Liability/Release for Medical Treatment form, which must be on file with OCS and the Health Center. It is the responsibility of the Conference Organizer to distribute and collect all necessary liability and medical forms from participants prior to check-in and give them to the CA no later than check-in. Participants for whom these items are missing will be asked to leave the campus until OCS attains the proper forms. Forms in electronic format are available. At least three (3) copies of the youth medical and liability release form must be submitted to OCS upon the arrival of the conference on campus. For adults only one (1) copy of the medical release form is required.

Medical Liability Form for Adults

Medical Release Form for Youth