SMU Abroad Scholarships

SMU Abroad Scholarships are awarded on the basis of need and student eligibility for the award. Scholarship amounts vary depending on the student’s financial need as assessed by the Office of Financial Aid. Students are considered for all available awards. Scholarships are funded by generous donors and range from $500-$4,000, depending on the student’s level of financial need and the total funding available. The application is accessible from within your program application and deadlines can be found on the Dates & Deadlines page. 


  • You must have an open SMU Abroad program application to submit an application for study abroad scholarships
  • You must submit your application by the Early Decision Scholarship deadline.
  • You must be accepted to your chosen program to accept any scholarship

Scholarship decisions for Summer, Fall, and Academic Year terms will be announced after February 1.

Scholarship decisions for January and Spring terms will be announced after October 1. 

SMU Scholarships

President’s Scholars interested in using their scholarship to study abroad, please visit the President's Scholars website for details.

Major- and Program-Specific Scholarships

  • Meadows School of the Arts Scholarships for Meadows students participating on Meadows programs only.
  • Kerbow-Suter French Awards for French Majors studying French language on the SMU-in-France program only.
  • Chen Scholarships for students studying Chinese language on the SMU-in-China program only.
  • Dr. H. Neill McFarland Memorial Scholarship for SMU-in-Japan participants only. See SMU-in-Japan program page.

In some cases, a summer study abroad program director may have access to additional funding that is not listed above.. All students are encouraged to speak with their program directors to inquire about program-specific scholarships.

Other SMU Funding

Many departments across SMU offer scholarships that could support a student studying abroad. To determine whether these grants and fellowships apply to you, please contact the funding sponsor.