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Rosie the Riveter

Since the 1973, the Women & LGBT Center has been a voice for women and our LGBT community on campus.  Offering preeminent programs, student focused activities, and gender centered organizations to join, along with a lending library, lactation station, and nap-worthy couches, we have connected with many SMU students, staff, faculty, and alumni.  We are thankful for the many financial and in kind donations that we have received over the years.  With your support, we are able to continue and expand our important work. In fact, your support is an important symbol of the way our services are valued.

If you would like to make an online donation, you can do so by using the button below. 

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Some of our loyal donors have asked us what kind of In Kind gifts we might best utilize.  They have inspired us to come up with our Wish List.  We had fun talking with students and staff to figure out what things we use most and need most in the center.  Below is a list of some items.  For books you can look at our amazon wishlist

In Kind Donations

Programming Supplies

  • A fun unique mug (we love the harmony in mismatch)
  • Plates
  • Napkins
  • Paper cups
  • Paper towels
  • Disposable Utensils
  • Computer Microphone
  • Web Cam

LGBT Pride Events

  • Pride Flags (Rainbow Flag, Bi Flag, Trans Flag, Bear Flag, etc.)
  • A self-standing flag pole
  • The board game, Homogenius

Women’s Resources

  • Suffragette memorabilia (photos, art, books, etc.)
  • The board game, Professor Noggin's Extraordinary Women

Kitchen Essentials

  • Tea, Coffee
  • Sugar, Creamer

General Office Supplies

  • Copy Paper
  • Photo Paper
  • White Board Cleaner
  • White Board Markers (we love rainbows!)
  • Staples
  • Blue Tape
  • Lamination Sheets (to go with our lamination machine)

The shipping address for the Women & LGBT Center is:

P.O. Box 750172
Dallas, TX 75275-0172
(214) 768-4792

Past Donors:


A gift in memory of Jaime Shim from Michael Robertson
Ian Aberle
Stephanie A. Amsel
Angela A. Ards
Lee D. Arning, Jr.
Erin E. Bailey
Jessica Bates
Bonnie G. Bazley
Stacey A. Beach
Jessica Bialowas
Donna D. Binkowski
Dewayne Blundel
Richard R. Bozorth
David C. Brown
Kristie Chiscano
Todd M. Chiscano
Lara J. Corazalla
Heidi Coretz
Christopher S. Cornell
Fernando Corral
Sarah S. H. Daly
Patricia H. Delaney
Paul Dewey
Darryl Dickson-Carr
Dale M. Dietert
David D. Doyle, Jr.
Frank Dunn
Don C. Erwin
Val Erwin
Linda Evans
Nykki Foltz
Deenis A. Foster
B. Kathleen Gallagher
Lee S. Gleiser
Joanna L. Grossman
Heather Guthrie
Charles H. Hammett
Aurora Havens
Kathleen Hayden
Jay Hengst
James Hickman
Michael N. Holahan
Leah J. Houska
Michele A. Houston
Joe S. Hoselton
Pamela Elrod Huffman
Augustine V. Jalomo, Jr.
Kellie P. Johnson
Chotibhak Jotikasthira
Mark E. Kerins
Joseph F. Kobylka
Susan Kress
Bobbie Lay
David L. Leggett
Linus C. Ling
Edward Lopez
Vonda A. Manthey
Michele McCoy
Rhonda Miller
Brian Molanphy
Adrienne D. Montgomery
Beth S. Newman
William J. Nemeth
Ashley Olson
Erin Overstreet
Tom M. Phipps
Mark D. Rhodes
Lorna K. Runge
Nina E. Schwartz
Tom Sheahan
Mikel I. Saloma
Lorraine S. Snowberger
Willard Spiegelman
B. J. Stiles
Nicole Stillo
Rachael Stringer
Mary Kate Tadie
Katherine J. Tomasi
Alison Tweedy
Union Coffee
Susan A. Vollmerhausen
Barry C. Waller
Wes K. Waggoner
Beth Weibel


Gayle Albritton
Caroline Arterburn
Erin Bailey
Bonnie Bazley
Stacey Beach
Rhonda Blair
Richard Cabes
Cresencio Cantu
Marlon Carbajal
Lauren Chung
Catherine Doctor
Lawrence Jay Hengst
Christopher Hoffman
Meredith Howell
Margaret Irwin
Victoria LeJune
Don Erwin
Val Erwin
James Gambulos
Denise Gee
Arlene Manthey
Lisa Michalsky
Dawson Orr
Tom Phipps
Mark Rhodes
Anthony Ringuette
Amanda Rodenborg
Julia Scott
William A. Smith
Taylor Sourachak 
Dustin Stonecipher
Tyson L Taylor
Ramon Trespalacios
Union Coffee
Rick Walters
Katherine Whitbeck


Val Erwin
Don Erwin
Jeffrey K. Grim


Don C. Erwin
Val Erwin
Jeffrey K. Grim
Vicki L. Hill
Ashley Olson
Brent Paxton


Don C. Erwin
Val Erwin
Brent Paxton
Bekah Boyer 


Sofia M. Cigarroa 
Jason L. Danielson
Darrah Rippy


Faye Cagle 
Ty Krueger


DeWayne Blundell 
Ke'Ana Bradley
Karen Click
Stephanie Jaeger
Ashley Olson
Wendy Smith


Amy Money 
Catherine Ballard Myers
Allison Jean Vansau Thompson

Library Books

Ian Aberle
Rhonda Blair
DeWayne Blundell
Alton Cannon
Fernando Corral
Steve Denson
Breanna Diaz
Eric Douglas
Lindsey Ellison
Val Erwin
Jeffrey K. Grim
Betsy Lewis
Brent Paxton
Michael & Melanie Pruitt
Shelbi Smith 
Taylor Sourachak 
Women's Interest Network (WIN)