Individually unique, together complete.

SnoMac, MoMac's signature Winter Festival

SnoMac is a large winter festival and celebration of the end of fall classes. For the past sixyears, members of the Morrison-McGinnis Commons Council fully take the lead in brainstorming, planning, and executing an event that attracts 250to 300 people from the SMU community. Be on the lookout for great food, fun traditions, and stress-relieving activities at this crucial point in the semester.

MoMacians throw what you know!

MoMacians take great pride in the affiliation to their Commons. You'll learn the MoMac Double M sign and the MoMac Spirit Check so you can take pride in your new home just like years of MoMacians before you!

MoMac at the Movies

MoMac at the Movies is a semi-annual campus-wide tradition and favorite event for Morrison-McGinnis residents. Our Faculty in residence rents out a theater in a nearby cinema and arranges a screening of a current, popular film. In addition, SMU faculty members whose areas of expertise align with subjects relevant to the film are invited for a discussion over food following the movie. The fall semester film occurs on Labor Day Monday while the spring semester film occurs during the week of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and focuses on themes of civil rights and social consciousness.
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