Welcome to the McMansion

goat yoga with a smiling student at Camp McElvaney

Camp McElvaney

Food, Fun, and Tie-Dye: before the spring semester comes to an end, we enjoy a taste of summer fun. Part barbecue, part carnival, all fun.

International Food Festival

Each year the McElvaney Commons leadership works with the cultural student organizations on campus to host a food festival that brings together students from across the university and around the world. This festival has given many students the opportunity to learn about a variety of cultures while tasting their native cuisine.

Be a part of McElvaney

In Spring 2019 the McElvaney community came together to select a mascot we felt exemplified our values. After much debate, the Moose, indomitable, stalwart, and courageous, was chosen.

McElvaney Double

Community bath double room