Inspiring Community through Service.

Students enjoying a roof top banquet

Loyd Pinning Ceremony

The first Loyd pinning ceremony was held at the first ever Loyd Commons Banquet on September 11, 2014. At the first banquet, the RAs, Faculty Affiliates and Residential Community Chaplian were all pinned by the Faculty-in-Residence and Residential Community Director. From there, the RAs selected two recipeints. These first two resceipients were the start of their pin family. At each following banquet, the receipient at the previous banquet chooses another recipient and awards them a Loyd pin. To receive a pin, students must be a member of Loyd Commons and represented the Loyd Values by contributing to the Loyd community.

Loyd Awards

The Loyd Annual Awards have been given out at the final banquet of each school year. These awareds recgonize the direct contributions to Loyd Commons of seven members. The five Values Awards are given to a member that has contributed to the commons related to a specific value. The Paul B. Loyd, Jr. Man of the Year Award and Penny Requa Loyd Woman of the Year Award are both given to members that have gone above and beyond what is expected in contributing to the success of Loyd Commons. The receipients of the Man and Woman of the Year Awards must exemplify all five values as well as lived out the Loyd Motto.
students having cookies with the FiR in the FiR apartment

Cooking with the Kendricks

Boaz Double

Community bath double room