Welcome to Boaz Commons

Students relaxing on the Boaz Commons Patio

Boaz Break

Boaz Break happens every Sunday on the Boaz patio, where Jack and Priscilla Levison set up a table with a special treat or two. Everyone hangs out on the patio to enjoy snacks and catch up with friends. Even Boazies who have moved out come back for this sweet tradition! If you want to strike up a conversation with a Boazie, just ask them their favorite Boaz Break snack!
Boaz students at Bows & Bowties

Bows + Bowties

Once a year we invite the entire campus to join us at a beautiful off-campus location for a formal dance. The Boaz formal has a DJ, a photo booth, and desserts and is often cited as a favorite memory. We load up on a bus with our friends from other Commons and head out to a stellar Dallas location. In the past, we have hosted our formal at the Dallas Arboretum with an incredible view of the Dallas skyline. It’s a great night to dress up and enjoy an evening with all of your friends.
RCD Liv Johnson with Boaz students at Muffin Mornings

Muffins Monday

Muffins Monday is a weekly event hosted by Ms. Johnson, the Boaz Residential Commons Director. Students are welcome to chat with the RCD and one another every Monday morning while enjoying savory treats for almost every dietary need. Not able to chat? Feel free to grab & go but say hello. The Boaz Bee Hive likes to stay connected!
Boaz Double

Community bath double room