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Living On Campus

Academics is a priority for Residence Life & Student Housing (RLSH), so it is important to us to provide you with the tools for success.

You’ll find a variety of academic initiatives in your on-campus residence, which may include classes right where you live, faculty, technology, study rooms, and workshops.


The live-on advantage

Living on campus gives students an academic edge. According to the American Council on Education, studies show that students who reside on campus:

  • Achieve higher grade-point averages.
  • Report a higher degree of satisfaction with the college experience.
  • Have higher retention and graduation rates.
  • Are more likely to succeed in college and complete a bachelor’s degree in four years.  
  • Participate in more extracurricular activities.
  • Have a more positive self-image, as well as enhanced self-confidence, public-speaking ability, and self-reliance.

In addition, students who live on campus have built-in resources and opportunities, such as unprecedented access to campus resources, student leadership positions, and increased faculty interactions. Explore these opportunities and more on the get involved menu above, or take a closer look at the data on SMU on-campus students as they relate to retention, satisfaction, and success.

Find your place to belong

Residential Commons

Residential Commons

SMU’s Residential Commons are designed to integrate the academic, residential and social experience and create a sense of belonging. A student’s Commons is their home base and each Commons is a microcosm of SMU.
Upper-division Housing Student working on computer at desk in their room

Upper-division Housing

Upper-division students may elect to stay in their Residential Commons or move to a variety of Upper Division options which facilitate self-discovery for residents with independent learning opportunities, including SMU managed fraternity housing. 
Service House Students in lobby

Service House

The SMU Service House (SMUSH) is a residence hall for 28 students dedicated to service and social change. This community provides upperclassmen with the ideal opportunity to share their passion for helping others.
SMU Apartments Front of Hilltop Heights

SMU Apartments

SMU owns and manages four apartment buildings that are located next to campus. These apartments offer students the privacy of independent living with the convivence of campus location. And at multiple price points, there is a unit in everyone's budget!

A wide array of amenities & services

Bike Racks and Covered Storage

Residents must register their bicycles with the SMU Police Department. Residents may use outside bike racks to secure their bicycles. Residents may not keep bicycles, mopeds, scooters, or motorcycles inside or around the entrance areas of SMU-owned housing. The only exception is for nonmotorized bicycles over Winter Break when the room is unoccupied.

Custodial Services

SMU custodians are responsible for cleaning common spaces and bathrooms in residential communities. They clean common areas Monday through Friday on a scheduled basis and suite-style baths weekly on a rotating schedule. On weekends, custodians also provide limited cleanup of community bathrooms and respond to obvious needs. Custodians are not responsible for cleaning resident rooms or apartments.


SMU does not permit deliveries directly to a resident’s room. When ordering food or other delivery services, residents should give their phone number to the vendor. Delivery personnel may call from the courtesy phone outside the community upon arrival. Residents must pick up the delivery at the building entrance. Most packages are delivered to residents’ campus mailboxes in the Hughes-Trigg Student Center.

Keys and Lock Changes

Each resident receives a key to his or her room or apartment upon check-in. Report misplaced or lost keys immediately at an Area Service Desk or to RLSH staff.

When a student loses their room key, maintenance staff changes the lock the next working day, and the cost of the lock change is posted to the student’s account. If you’re locked out of your room between 8 p.m. and 8 a.m., contact the Resident Assistant (RA) on call for a lock-out service.

In the event of a lock-out between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m., a loan key is available at the Area Service Desk for 30 minutes without charge. If the student does not return the key within 24 hours, the original key will be assumed lost, the lock will be changed, and the cost will be charged to the student account.

Maintenance Requests

Residents may submit requests for maintenance using the Facilities Services Work Order Management system. Information on how to submit a request is available on the Maintenance Request webpage. If you have questions or concerns about a submitted work order, please contact Facilities Services at 214.768.7000.

Facilities Services handles requests according to priority—giving top priority to emergencies and critical areas. Noncritical requests are handled in the order in which they are received. Maintenance requests made late in the day or on weekends may not be reviewed until the following workday. In the case of a repair that needs immediate attention, contact an RLSH staff member or the Area Service Desk.

Amenities and Services

Mail and Copy Central is the central delivery service provider for all students residing on campus. All deliveries, including flowers, should be directed to the student’s mailing address. Find mail center hours and operation information, or learn more about mail and other campus services.

How to Address a Letter or Package

Student Name

3140 Dyer St.


Dallas, TX 75205

Network Services

Wifi and high-speed wired connections are available in all rooms and study rooms. Computers or devices must be configured to obtain an IP address automatically. Please maintain one connection per jack. The Office of Information Technology has additional information.

On-Call Staff Members

RLSH staff is on call in the residential communities seven nights a week from 8 p.m. to 8 a.m. The on-call staff member makes rounds, provides lock-out service, checks public areas, enforces University policies, and assists with building security. To contact the on-call staff member, call the building-specific on-call number listed in and around your residential community.

Vacuums and Other Equipment

Vacuums and other equipment are available for resident use. Some residential communities have ping pong tables, billiards equipment, or games to check out from the staff. Residents must present an ID before checking out any equipment. RLSH staff can provide information specific to your building.

Laundry Rooms

Each residence hall has a laundry room available, and residents may use the laundry without additional charge.

Area service desks

There are two Area Service Desks on campus that serve the residential communities. Area Service Desks are open on Monday - Friday from 8am to 8pm and Saturday - Sunday from 12pm - 6pm during the academic year, for lock-outs and general assistance.

The Southeast Area Service Desk (located in Armstrong Commons) serves:

  • Armstrong Commons
  • Crum Commons
  • Kathy Crow Commons
  • Loyd Commons
  • Ware Commons

The North Area Service Desk (located in Virginia-Snider Commons) serves:

  • 3050 SMU Blvd
  • Boaz Commons
  • Cockrell-McIntosh Commons
  • Martin House
  • Mary Hay/Peyton/Shuttles Commons
  • McElvaney Commons
  • Moore House
  • Morrison-McGinnis Commons
  • RLSH managed fraternity houses
  • Service House
  • SMU managed apartments 
  • Thomas House
  • Virginia-Snider Commons