Dr. Bob Smith Health Center


Don't have time to get off campus? Need to get a prescription filled? The SMU Pharmacy is the place to go on campus for Kleenex, cold medicine, or batteries, among other necessities, not to mention where you can get many of the prescriptions that you may need filled - and it's right on campus!


General Information

  • Hours: 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (Monday-Friday).
  • Prescription refills can be requested by calling 214-768-2149 or 214-768-3917 or by clicking, here.
  • Questions? Call 214-768-2149

Did You Know?

  • Our pharmacy is contracted with most insurance carriers so we can fill your prescriptions on your insurance at the same price you would pay at other pharmacies on your plan.
  • The SMU pharmacy has permission from the Texas Department of Public Safety and the Texas State Board of Pharmacy to fill students out-of-state Schedule II prescriptions, in accordance with Texas state and federal laws.
  • In addition to prescription medications, the pharmacy stocks many over-the-counter medications and toiletries. The student has the benefit of charging all purchases to their student account. 
  • We will be glad to transfer any student prescriptions to and from their home pharmacies for your convenience. Please give us 24 hours notice for completion of this service.