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The pursuit of a human-centered, interdisciplinary, Master of Liberal Studies degree from SMU fosters growth for professional and community leaders. Students can pursue their lifelong intellectual passions and enhance their leadership contributions to their professions and the world.

Pursue a Flexible Master of Liberal Studies Degree

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Along the way you may expect to be challenged, surprised, inspired, enlightened, energized and perhaps even transformed. Students interface with educators from various university disciplines. Instructors bring unmatched credentials and dedication to the teaching of a range of subjects that spans the ages and expands to explore the universe.

Do you already have a graduate degree? Apply for the Doctor of Liberal Studies or Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study for more focus in your chosen curricular field of study.

Our website is designed to give you a taste of what the world of human-centered, interdisciplinary, graduate liberal studies at SMU has to offer. Rich in opportunities to learn, discover, advance and grow.

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