Conflict is Everywhere. Opportunity is Here.

U.S. News & World Report has cited dispute resolution as one of the fastest-growing academic disciplines of the new millennium. Organizations are increasingly aware of the importance of positive interactions to enhance productivity, financial success, and personal satisfaction in the context of any professional or personal endeavor or relationship. All of these factors indicate that dispute resolution is one of the most marketable skills in today’s world of business and commerce.

SMU's Dispute Resolution Graduate Certificate Program provides its students with theoretical and practical knowledge, useful in all social and psychological environments. In this 21-credit hour program, students learn the art of negotiation, problem-solving, mediation, arbitration, team-building, group facilitation, and many other applications of dispute resolution. The program actively incorporates role-plays from varied aspects of human relationships to engage the student in class participation and to provide the skill and training necessary to become adept at the art of conflict resolution.

“Think of the knowledge and skills you acquire in the Dispute Resolution program as keys that open doors to many and varied career positions.”

– Dr. Betty Snyder, Clinical Adjunct Instructor

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