Farnoosh Nouri

Visiting Clinical Assistant Professor

Farnoosh Nouri

Department of Dispute Resolution and Counseling


Ph.D., University of North Texas


SMU - East Campus
6116 N. Central Expressway, Suite 300
Dallas, TX 75206



Dr. Nouri has been a practitioner since 1997. She is an adjunct professor at Southern Methodist University and Texas Woman’s University. Her major area of research has been on the Electromagnetic Aftereffects of Near-Death Experiences. She is an international presenter on various topics including Safe Conversations, Sufism and Spiritual Development, and other mental health-related topics. She is also a recipient of the John Templeton Foundation grant entitled “The Integration of the Heart-Centered Paradigm of Sufi Psychology in Contemporary Psychotherapy Practice”. In her practice, Farnoosh works with clients on a variety of mental health issues as well as concerns with personal and spiritual growth.