Mike Lefebvre




M.S. Georgetown University
B.A. University of Virginia


Research Interests

Computer and Network Security, Privacy, Software Defined Networking


Teaching/Professional Experience

Adjunct Lecturer, Southern Methodist University, Aug 2016 - Present
Adjunct Faculty, George Mason University, Jan 2011 - May 2014



M. Lefebvre, M. Carver, E. Ellett, W. Negm, L. DiValentin and J. Solderitsch, "Network anomaly detection," U.S. Patent 9,503,467, Nov. 22, 2016
M. Carver, L. DiValentin, M. Lefebvre, E. Hovor and D. Rozmiarek, "Method and system for automated incident response," U.S. Patent 9,386,041, Jul. 5, 2016
L. DiValentin, M. Carver and M. Lefebvre, "Threat indicator analytics system," U.S. Patent 9,794,279, Oct. 17, 2017