Students & Research Areas


Yong Joseph Bakos

Scalable systems automation, information-centric networks


Jeff Collins

Cloud, Software Defined Networking, Network Function Virtualization, 5G, Machine Learning, & Artificial Intelligence


Starr Corbin

Blockchain implications for royalty calculation and distribution


Stacy Elliot

SDN Security, SDN deployment in DoD Networks


Gokhan Gun

Emerging technologies in wireless communications, specifically Software Defined Networks and Radio



Rakesh Karn

Effects of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Deep Learning (DL) and Machine Learning (ML) on Human-Machine Interactions
Effects of Emotions on the AI, DL, ML and Enterprise Level Automation


Mike Lefebvre

Computer and Network Security, Privacy, Software Defined Networking


Derek Phanekham

Secure Containers on Public Platforms


Leo Popokh

Optimal Resource Allocation for VNF Requests


Justin Wilson

Cognitive and context aware systems/adaptive systems (learning, security, human machine interfacing)
Artificial intelligence including machine learning and deep learning
Real-time and fault tolerant systems