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Perkins School of Theology

If you seek to study with professors who will prepare you for the practice of ministry, challenge you to grow in faith and understanding, and guide you in your spiritual life, Perkins School of Theology is the place for you.

Perkins has a distinguished teaching faculty of more than 40 professors. They are diverse in gender, race, ethnicity and culture, denominational affiliation, and, perhaps most interestingly, theological perspective. What they have in common is a deep commitment to training leaders for the church. Within this rich mix of perspectives and interests, our students commonly discover that Perkins professors don’t teach you what to think, they teach you how to think. Our aim is to model a diverse community committed to faith's search for understanding.

Perkins professors will help you clarify your own understanding of the Christian faith, challenge you to examine ideas new to you, and prepare you for faithful leadership in the church of the 21st century.

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