Southwest: The Flight of My Life

Kristina JonesThis summer I had the privilege of working at Southwest Airlines. Southwest has three main principles: a Servant’s Heart, a Warrior Spirit, and a Fun-LUVing attitude. I certainly was able to experience all three this summer. I volunteered several times over the summer with fellow Southwest Employees, including a day where hundreds of employees took time out of their day to deliver Meals On Wheels. I was able to show my warrior spirit by working on a project that will greatly benefit my team at Southwest, and which gave me hands-on experience that will benefit my career. I definitely had a lot of fun this summer with all of the intern events that SWA sponsored. We did the Amazing Race, which is where interns run around headquarters on a scavenger hunt. The interns also went to a Rough Riders game and played water balloon volleyball. Needless to say, we “luved” all of the free travel!

I exercised my benefit to travel all over the US, including; Boston, San Diego, Las Vegas, and Orlando. Every weekend the internsKristina Jones 2 split into groups and went somewhere new. In Boston I attended a Red Sox game and was able to visit all of the historic sites the city has to offer. In San Diego I relaxed at the beach and took advantage of the cool weather. In Orlando I went to Universal Studios and enjoyed the magic of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I even was able to fly down to Austin just for dinner and fly back that night.

It was definitely one of the most amazing summers I have ever had, and I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity of working at Southwest. Not only did I get real world experience, I got to work for one of the best companies in the United States. Their culture is truly one of a kind; Southwest employees work very hard, but they have a lot of fun doing it as well.