Study Abroad in Oxford

We are not currently offering the SMU Law in-person Oxford abroad program for Summer 2021, and likely won't open applications for this program until SMU lifts travel restrictions. 


SMU Dedman School of Law offers, in association with University College, an annual program, at University College. The program includes a tour of “Legal London,” as well as a visit to the UK Supreme Court.  This program is part of SMU’s strong tradition of training lawyers, from the U.S. and abroad, to practice law in a global environment. Over 650 law students have participated in this summer program since its inception. Students earn five hours of credit by taking one course taught by an SMU professor and one Oxford-style tutorial taught by an Oxford tutor. Participants live and take their meals in historic University College, Oxford.

The 2020 Oxford program will begin on Monday, June 29, 2020, and run through Saturday, August 1, 2020. As in the past, the number of students enrolled in the program will be kept small. Thirty-six students will be accepted to attend the program. The small class sizes encourage a sense of community and allow active participation of all students. Enrollment has varied in recent years from 32 to 36 students. The program is limited to students enrolled in SMU Dedman School of Law. 


                                                     2016 Oxford Program - UK Supreme Court