Graduate Program

Graduate Program in Computation and Applied Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics offers one of the country's leading programs for those who want to pursue graduate study in computational and applied mathematics. The program specifically emphasizes physical applied mathematics, numerical analysis, and scientific computation.

Students selected for this program will study under a distinguished faculty that consists primarily of numerical analysts and applied mathematicians. In keeping with a long-standing SMU tradition, all faculty members - including our endowed chair holder and other senior professors - are required to teach graduates and undergraduates. With a 1-1 ratio of graduate students to faculty members, graduate students can be assured of individual attention.

SMU also offers excellent computer facilities, an outstanding library collection, competitive financial aid, and the advantage of being located in an area where job prospects for graduates are plentiful.

Faculty and students are active in a wide variety of mathematical, scientific and computational disciplines. Descriptions of research areas can be found under the "Research" menu item. In addition, many professor's personal web pages provide even more detail concerning their interests and work, as well as links to their papers and presentations. 

Our graduate students will gain skills in high-performance scientific computing, with hands-on training using Fortran, C and C++ on modern Linux systems for solving challenging applied mathematics problems.  Opportunities are available for students to learn parallel scientific computing, using some of the largest supercomputers available.  As a result of these skills, alumni are regularly hired into positions within industry and national laboratories.