Information on a Minor Degree in Math at SMU
(Updated in March 2017 to reflect the changes in course numbers, effective starting from the Fall 2017 semester.)

The required courses are

I. Calculus:
   Math 1337 Calculus with Analytical Geometry I
   Math 1338 Calculus with Analytical Geometry II
   Math 3302 Calculus with Analytical Geometry III (Math 3302 was previously Math 2339)
II. Three 3000+ level mathematics courses

Note 1: If you qualify to take Math 1340 (Consolidated Calculus) and pass with a grade C- or better, you can use Math 1340 to replace Math 1337 and Math 1338, which means you only need to take two calculus courses (Math 1340 and Calculus III).

Note 2: For the three 3000+ level mathematics courses, it is recommended that Math 3313 (Differential Equations) and Math 3304 (Introduction to Linear Algebra) be taken since these are fundamental math courses. Anyone pursuing a math degree (either major or minor) are required to complete these courses for a bachelor degree. You can choose the third 3000+ level course from Math 3315, Math 3308, Math 3337, etc.

Note: Starting from the Fall 2017 semester, the following changes in course numbers will be in effect:

    Math 2343 (Introduction to Differential Equations) becomes Math 3313
    Math 3353 (Introduction to Linear Algebra) becomes Math 3304
    Math 3308 (Introduction to Discrete Math) becomes Math 3311 (Introduction to Proof and Analysis)
    Math 3337 (Advanced Math for Science and Engineering) becomes Math 4337

An example for filling the courses you plan to take is

Math 3313
Math 3304
Math 3308 or Math 3315

This means you will be taking Differential Equations and Linear Algebra, and will take either Math 3308 or Math 3315. (If you decide to take different courses from what you have listed, a new form must be completed.)

A Math Minor requires a grade of C- or higher in the required courses. This minor requires 18 semester hours from Department of Mathematics at SMU. To determine the courses must be taken, please refer to the online course catalog, and follow the link to the Dedman College and the Math Dept.

You can declare the math minor from my.smu.edu without an approval from the math department. However, please contact Dr. Sheng Xu (235 Clements Hall) to see if you have fulfilled the course requirement. 

Things to note: (added on May 2016)

There is no need to declare a math minor early. It is recommended that that you have completed at least 4 of the 6 required courses before you declare the minor.

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