M.S. and Ph.D. Programs

M.S. Degree

Our Master of Science degree in computational and applied mathematics requires 11 courses. Candidates must complete at least two graduate level courses in computational mathematics and two courses in differential equations and their applications. These 11 courses can be completed within two academic years by taking the normal load of three courses per term. An oral examination is required for graduation.

During the first two years, both Master's and Ph.D. degree candidates take mostly the same coursework. These courses prepare students for industrial employment, doctoral work in our department, or further graduate work in a variety of disciplines. These years foster student-faculty interaction and allow students to assess their academic abilities and interests.

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Ph.D. Degree

Students who do exemplary work in their first two years are encouraged to join the Ph.D. program. This begins by selecting a dissertation advisor in their second year of courses. In the summer after earning their M.S. degree students begin research with their advisor. During the third year students continue enrolling in three courses per semester, but one is now independent research study with their advisor. The results of this work will be used in the Ph.D. qualifying exam as described below. The Ph.D. qualifying exam is taken at the end on the third year of study after which students work on their dissertation full time. It typically takes another two years of work to before students defend their dissertation, for a total of five years of study past the B.S. degree. Students whose performance and progress remain exemplary will be financially supported through these five years.

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