Department Directory

Department Directory



NameTitlePhoneEmailOffice Location
Michael AdlerDirector of SMU-in-Taos214-768-1864
Eric G. BingProfessor of Global Health
and Co-Director, Health and Society Program
214-768-2933Simmons 345
Heroy Hall 421
Matthew BoulangerLecturer214-768-1194Heroy Hall 406
Caroline B. BrettellRuth Collins Altshuler Professor214-768-4254Heroy Hall 451
Maryann R. CairnsAssistant Professor
214-768-2927Heroy Hall 402
Sunday EiseltAssociate Professor214-768-2915Heroy Hall 450
Kacy HollenbackAssistant Professor214-768-2943Heroy Hall 443
K. Ann HorsburghAssistant Professor214-768-2724Heroy Hall 414
Karen LupoProfessor and Department Chair214-768-4152Heroy Hall 408
Mark D. McCoyAssociate Professor
and Director of Undergraduate Studies
214-768-2940Heroy Hall 413
David J. MeltzerHenderson-Morrison Professor of Prehistory
and Director of Graduate Studies
214-768-2826Heroy Hall 442
Neely MyersAssistant Professor214-768-3545Heroy Hall 455
Nia ParsonAssociate Professor
and Co-Director, Health and Society Program
214-768-2932Heroy Hall 405
Christopher I. RoosAssociate Professor214-768-2753Heroy Hall 444
Carolyn Smith-MorrisAssociate Professor214-768-2878Heroy Hall 415
Nicolas Sternsdorff-CisternaAssistant Professor214-768-2928Heroy Hall 453



NameTitlePhoneEmailOffice Location
Tiffany Powell Assistant to the Department Chair214-768-2684 Heroy Hall 408



NameTitlePhoneEmailOffice Location
Michael AiuvalasitResearch Affiliate214-789-1582Heroy Hall 435
James AdovasioResearch Affiliate
Provost, Mercyhurst University
Susan BruningDepartment Affiliate
Shay Cannedy469-623-4065
Ginger JohnsonResearch Affiliate
Kimberly JonesResearch Affiliate
The Ellen and Harry S. Parker III Assistant Curator of
the Arts of the Americas, Dallas Museum of Art
Anubha SoodDepartment Affiliate



NameTitlePhoneEmailOffice Location
Anthony E. MarksProfessor Emeritus
Ladislav P. NovakProfessor Emeritus
C. Garth SampsonProfessor Emeritus
Ben WallaceProfessor Emeritus
Ronald  WetheringtonProfessor Emeritus
David J. WilsonProfessor Emeritus