M.A. Degree in Medical Anthropology

The Master of Arts in Medical Anthropology is designed to prepare graduate students for professional employment and to meet the growing need for personnel with a cross-cultural perspective in health fields. You may come to this program from an undergraduate major in the social and behavioral sciences (including, but not limited to, anthropology), or from some health field such as nursing, public health, counseling, or medicine.

The goal of the two-year program is to increase your knowledge, skill, and readiness for involvement with the programs and problems of agencies, hospitals, clinics, medical organizations, and health delivery programs at home and abroad where applied anthropologists can make positive contributions.

The program provides you with training in the basic principles and methods of cultural and medical anthropology, as well as cultural sensitivity important for employment in health-related fields.

The M.A. degree in Medical Anthropology is based on 36 hours of coursework at the University.

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