Ph.D. in Anthropology

In the Ph.D. program, students concentrate either in Cultural Anthropology or in Archaeology. Within Cultural Anthropology students may specialize in Medical Anthropology or on Globalization Issues such as Development, Gender, and Migration; Archaeology students concentrate on New World Archaeology.

Ph.D. program (Specialization in archaeology)

The archaeology program at SMU is largely focused on the New World, with faculty research interests ranging from the earliest hunter-gatherers to complex societies across North, Middle, and South America. The program offers broad training in contemporary archaeological theory, method, and scientific application, and is strongly field-oriented with current projects in various localities in the Americas. 

Ph.D. program (Specialization in cultural anthropology)

In the Ph.D. program in cultural anthropology, you will be trained broadly in contemporary theory and method in anthropology, while you specialize in one of two tracks: Medical Anthropology or Globalization and International Development. In special circumstances, you can petition to combine these specializations.

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