Why Study Here?

The SMU Department of Anthropology prepares students to meet the demand for a scientifically trained and globally minded workforce.

Students study human behavior and societies by adopting a cross-cultural perspective regarding the customs, cultures, languages, and social lives of different peoples around the world. Students study human populations of the prehistoric past, in places such as Guatemala (Maya), Peru (Inca), and the American Southwest. The study of the fossil record, forensics, and primates also provide clues about the origins and evolution of humans.

Department Features



Courses cover virtually all the peoples of the world and address important contemporary global issues.



Undergraduate students have opportunities to be involved in faculty research and internships in diverse locales.



Offering strong preparation for living and working in a rapidly globalizing world.

Get involved


Anthropology Club

Student Anthropology Club and Lambda Alpha (National Honorary Society) organize programs for students.


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Faculty Expertise

Faculty specialization in both archaeology and cultural anthropology, courses are also offered in biological anthropology and linguistics.

Faculty research

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Hands on Research

An archaeological field school at Fort Burgwin near Taos, New Mexico.

field school

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Top Notch Students

We help students build their cultural competency, critical thinking, and global skill sets to best prepare them for life after graduation.

Student research