NexPoint Tower Scholars Program

Minor in Public Policy and International Affairs

The NexPoint Tower Scholars Program is a selective, multidisciplinary minor in Public Policy and International Affairs that enables students from a variety of academic backgrounds to combine their academic interests with experience in the real world of public policy.  

Program Highlights

  • Simulate real-world policy crises in "Gateway to Global Policy Making" and take on the roles of the National Security Council

  • Develop your own research project and learn social science research methodology

  • Collaborate with your fellow NexPoint Tower Scholars on a semester-long real-life policy analysis projects

  • Experience Washington, D.C. your junior year as part of a 3-day class immersion trip

  • Engage with real-world policy experts including U.S. Department of State officials, Congressional staff, intelligence analysts and more

  • Cooperate with a local Dallas-Fort Worth organization to work on a real-world policy project

  • Study abroad and carry out a policy summer internship with the help of scholarships

To learn more, watch the video below. For more information on the curriculum, go HERE.

For how to apply, go HERE

Applications are now closed. Stay tuned for next year.