Tower Center Board of Directors

The Tower Center Board of Directors serves as the Center's advisory panel. The board is composed of three Lifetime Directors, eleven Honorary Directors, four University Directors, and twenty-eight Elected Directors. The Board of Directors is responsible for providing the Center with advice and direction, as well as maintaining the financial health of the Center through active fundraising.

Dan Branch, Chair 

Marjorie Adams
Marjorie Adams, Inc.

Nancy Halbreich
Philanthropist and Community Leader

Allie Beth Allman
Allie Beth Allman & Associates

Gene C. Jones
Philanthropist and Community Leader 

Lucy Bannon

Robert W. Jordan
Philanthropist and Community Leader

Lucy Billingsley
Billingsley & Co.

Enrique Marroquin
Zaro Transportation, LLC

Jan Hart Black
Philanthropist and Community Leader

Vidal Martinez
Martinez Partners LLP 

Cullum Clark
George W. Bush Institute 

Linda McFarland
Philanthropist and Community Leader

Richard H. Collins

Jeanne L. Phillips
SMU Trustee, Hunt Consolidated, Inc.

Penny Tower Cook, Lifetime Director

Timothy Powers
Haynes and Boone

Kathleen Cooper

Holly Reed
Philanthropist and Community Leader

Berry Rife Cox, Lifetime Director
Cox Partners, Inc.

Peggy Sewell
Philanthropist and Community Leader

Jeanne Tower Cox, Lifetime Director 
SMU Trustee, Philanthropist, Community Leader
Julia Simon
Mary Kay

Robert A. Estrada
Estrada Hinojosa

John P. Tatum, II
Genesco Sports

Darab Ganji
Best Associates

Carter Tolleson
Tolleson Wealth Management

Don M. Glendenning
Locke Lord

Honorary Board of Directors
The Honorable William L. Ball III
The Honorable William S. Cohen
The Honorable Richard W. Fisher
The Honorable J. French Hill
The Honorable Karen P. Hughes
The Honorable Kay Bailey Hutchison
The Honorable Tom Loeffler
The Honorable Frederick D. McClure
Dr. Nicholas Rostow
The Honorable Joseph Richard Straus III
The Honorable Carole Keeton Strayhor





Ex Officio
Brad Cheves
Thomas DiPiero
James F. Hollifield
Jennifer Apperti