Residence Life & Student Housing

Southern Methodist University is committed to making campus residence halls safe and secure, and demonstrates this commitment through its financial investments in fire and light safety protection systems. The Office of Risk Management and Residence Life and Student Housing further this commitment with their joint fire safety training, programming, and inspection program for residence halls, which is briefly overviewed below.

All residential housing facilities on-campus are equipped and protected by automatic fire sprinkler systems. In addition to sprinkler systems, all housing facilities are protected with fire alarm systems to alert residents should a fire occur. Systems are monitored 24/7 by the SMU Police Department.

All residential housing facilities have emergency evacuation plans and conduct four drills per calendar year to ensure residents are familiar with evacuation procedures.

Fire safety guidelines are established for all residence halls. Examples include prohibitions on smoking, using candles, and certain electrical appliances. You may view the fire safety guidelines on the Residence Life and Student Housing website.